Finished Drug Products

We offer a range of differentiated finished drug products as well as projects for licensing or acquisition from our proprietary and partner developments.

Innovative Drugs, Technologies and Biotech

Midas represents and offers licensing opportunities for a range of patented technologies and innovative, proprietary products in various development stages. These include:

  • 505(b)(2) - like products — generic APIs but with new application routes or indications
  • Medical devices
  • Platform technologies
  • Late-stage NDA products
  • Innovative/life cycle management products such as new combinations.


Midas offers a range of rather differentiated generic drug developments and corresponding drug product supply chains. Our portfolio contains projects suitable for launch upon expiry of the innovator’s protection, as well as dossiers, registrations and supply chains optimal for established generic projects. We cover all indications and a wide array of technologies — from plain tablets to specialties such as nasal sprays.

The projects we offer encompass our proprietary developments and projects from our partners and associates. We will be pleased to clarify which products fit your specific requirements and are available for your markets.

Our global presence and networks give us access to the most suitable partners in the industry.

The specialist teams at Midas cover all the stages of the pharmaceutical value chain and are positioned to provide complete solutions to meet the particular needs of each customer. In addition to finished drug products and projects for licensing or acquisition from our proprietary and partner developments, we offer a range of complementary services.

Complementary Services

Custom Synthesis Services — provide solutions for particular API issues and guide our Drug Substance Team, e.g. in the sourcing of the most suitable development API with regard to the IP situation, salt polymorph and particle size, or for sourcing a competitive alternative API after commercialization. More

Finished Product Development Services — lead all scientific work and respond to particular customer requirements, such as the realization of a taste masker or “pediatric presentations” and user-friendly applications. More

Finished Product Manufacturing Services — support finished product projects regarding manufacturing, packaging and supply optimization and provide technical transfer service, e.g. to a local site in a country with mandatory local production or a site in a white spot country. More

Regulatory Services — offer services for registration and variation procedures. More

Quality Management Services — assure GMP compliance and provide quality management services where needed. More

Intellectual Property Services — assure that all activities such as the change of a production site and the marketing in the territory stay within the limits of the FTO corridor. More

With a range of differentiated finished drug products, as well as projects for licensing or acquisition from our proprietary and partner developments, we offer comprehensive solutions to meet your needs.

Please contact:
Dr. Oliver Weyand
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