Fully compliant EU-CTD dossier for Lenalidomide

Lenalidomide Dossier ready for out-licensing

Lenalidomide Dossier

Midas Pharma has developed together with its development partner Grindeks JSC a fully compliant EU-CTD dossier for Lenalidomide (2,5/5/7,5/10/15/20/25 mg) which is ready for out-licensing!

First Marketing Authorizations based on our dossier have been granted in European countries.

The fact that the manufacturing site for the product is located in Latvia, being a white spot country, allows for day 1 launches upon SPC-expiry in June 2022.

We offer attractive and competitive prices along with small volumes per SKU.

Midas/Grindeks have filed different patent applications for Lenalidomide. We expect that most generic product developments that may be marketed from June 2022 onwards to bear a considerable risk of infringing our patents.

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