Collagen based powder spray


  • Powder Spray, made exclusively of type I collagen of equine origin, is a patented innovative formulation
  • It can be applied without touching the wound, left in situ and there is no need of removal/cleaning during the treatment
  • It has haemostatic properties
  • The peculiar formulation of the device guarantees a protective barrier in the area of the lesion and favours the natural healing process



  • Treatment of sunburn, minor burns, skin irritation, superficial wounds and ulcers
  • diaper and incontinence rash
  • skin abrasions and grazes
  • haemostat

Regulatory Status

  • Medical device class III sterile

Product Status

  • Finished product ready for marketing as distribution or private label business

Territorial Restrictions

  • Broad availability to be checked on a case by case basis

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Ellen Engel

Ellen Engel

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