Range of Cosmetic Patches based on Hydrogels


Full range of facial patches in various sizes and shapes for different skin conditions:

  • intensive care for eye wrinkles
  • for bright skin under the eyes
  • facial skin tightening, moisturizing and lifting
  • for impure facial skin and pimples
  • anti-aging products
  • products for relief of flushed cheek & rosacea
  • patches with effect
  • anti-aging effect for damaged and aging nails & toenails
  • soothing and pain relief from menstruation & breast-feeding
  • peeling patch for dead corny skin of foot heel and sole

Regulatory Status

  • Cosmetic Products

Product Status

  • Finished products, ready to market

Territorial Restrictions

  • Broad availability to be checked on a case by case basis

Your Contact

Ellen Engel

Ellen Engel

Corporate Development
Director Portfolio Management Innovation & Devices

Midas Pharma GmbH
Rheinstr. 49
55218 Ingelheim
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