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Nolato: Advanced pharma packaging solutions

On one hand, Nolato is a high-tech developer and manufacturer of polymer products in specific market areas, and, on the other hand Nolato also offers a wide range of polymer primary packaging components for pharmaceutical customers.

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The company has been listed on the Stockholm stock exchange since 1984. Nolato’s Medical Solutions business unit has several production sites and 2 technical & design centers worldwide, offering more than 500 moulding machines and 70 assembly lines for even sophisticated polymer products, being able to develop and to produce also all medical devices, primary packaging components and container-closure-systems for enhanced pharmaceutical requirements.

Nolato Cerbo and Midas Pharma market together Nolato’s Cerbo product lines particularly in Germany. The Nolato Cerbo containers and closures are made by using injection moulding and injection blow moulding technologies.

Product profile

While many primary packaging components are available from stock, Nolato Cerbo also offers a customer specific approach for primary packaging and medical devices from the first product idea via the conception phase and prototyping to high volumes manufacturing.


  • Extensive leak tightness abilities particularly for solid and liquid dosage forms.
  • Outstanding support on product development for customized primary packaging.
  • Strong focus on ergonomic features (like for elderly patients, patients with reduced physical properties or innovative child-safe solutions).
  • Solutions for the “internet of things”.

About Nolato

The perfect packaging for the world’s most important products.

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