Sourcing Reference Products

Would you like to order reference drugs for R&D purposes in a simple way? Midas has rich experience in providing even “difficult to source” reference products from international markets.

Comparator sourcing has become more challenging (e.g. due to regulatory restrictions) and time consuming. Midas can help to procure the necessary samples and the relevant product information in a quick and efficient way.

Midas has access to many “difficult to source” reference products and takes care of all relevant activities like monitoring of product/batch availability, purchasing and shipment.

Your benefits

  • One interface: You save resources and time
  • You can access reference products from all over the world
  • You may order even a high quantity of units from one batch

What we offer

  • Full service, from enquiry to delivery
  • Rich experience in sourcing reference drugs from international markets
  • Additional information such as batch number, expiry date and availability in different countries
  • Global network through well-established cooperation with international wholesalers
  • Selection of various worldwide couriers
  • Shipment according to GDP rules
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring (own data loggers available)

Your Contact

Vanessa Heß

Vanessa Heß

Business Development
Coordination Reference Products

Midas Pharma GmbH
Rheinstr. 49
55218 Ingelheim


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