Sodium BorohydrideSBH website II

Borohydride Sodium;
Sodium Tetrahydroborate;
Sodium Tetrahydridoborate;
Na+ BH4- ;
Borohydrure de Sodium;
Sodio Borohydride More

Product characteristics:
CAS No: 16940-66-2
EINCECS No: 241-004-4
Formula: NaBH4
Molecular weight: 37.83 g/mol
TSCA: listed

Product applications:
Sodium Borohydride is a versatile and selective reducing agent that has a variety of applications in manufacturing of pharmaceutical active ingredients, crop protection agents, aroma compounds and other fine chemicals. Typical applications are:

  • Reduction of Aldehydes / Acid Chlorides / Anhydrides to primary Alcohols
  • Reduction of Ketones to secondary Alcohols
  • Reduction of Imines to Amines
  • Removing impurities and purification of process streams
  • Metal ion reduction / Noble metal recovery / Dehalogenations. More

Sodium Borohydride Granules — granules are the easiest to handle form of solid product. More than 90 % of granules are larger than 950 µm.

Sodium Borohydride Coarse Powder — this is the modern and cost efficient way to consume, dose and handle Sodium Borohydride. The coarse product with mean diameter D50 of about 350 µm is free-flowing and almost dust-free to provide reactivity and cost-efficient use.

Sodium Borohydride Fine Powder — this is the compound of choice if automatic suction or huge surface for maximum reactivity matters.

Sodium Borohydride solution — contact us to discuss your specific demand such as highly concentrated stabilized solutions for your specific need.

Packaging — all Sodium Borohydride solid forms are routinely available in 50-kg or 100-kg UN steel-drums. Material is usually packed into sealed 10-kg-alu bags. Product is available at any scale in multiples of 50 kg.

Manufacturing and Supply — we exclusively offer material produced by Shandong Guobang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. of China which is stored in a dedicated class 4.3 dangerous goods warehouse for immediate supply to industrial customers across Europe. All aspects of dangerous goods warehousing are professionally addressed by Midas Pharma to safeguard a robust supply chain.

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