Trifluoroacetic acid

2,2,2-Trifluoroacetic acid; CF3COOH
Perfluoroacetic acid;
2,2,2-Trifluoroethanoic acid;
Trifluoroethanoic acid; TFA;
Acide Trifluoroacétique;
Ácido Trifluoroacético More

Product characteristics:
CAS No: 76-05-1
EINCECS No: 200-929-3
Formula: C2HF3O2
Molecular weight: 114.02 g/mol
TSCA: listed
Freezing point: -15°C
Boiling point: +72°C
Density: 1.478 g/ml (25°C)

Product applications:
Trifluoroacetic acid is an fluoro-organic compound with an interesting list of uses in manufacturing of pharmaceutical active ingredients, crop protection agents, in peptide and in polymer chemistry. Typical applications are:

  • CF3 building block
  • Polymerization catalyst
  • (Trans-)Esterification promoter
  • Amino acid protection group cleavage (e.g. DIBOC)
  • Non-aqueous solvent
  • Hydration of olefins


Packaging — Trifluoroacetic acid is available in 250-kg UN steel-drums. Product is available at any scale in multiples of 250 kg or in bulk in ISO-Containers up to 17.000 kg each.

Manufacturing and Supply — we exclusively offer and distribute material produced by SRF Limited which is stored in a modern dangerous goods warehouse for immediate supply to industrial customers across Europe. Dangerous goods warehousing by Midas Pharma enables instant service and supply safety for our customers.

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