SiOPlas™ Primary Containers: The Future of Parenteral Packaging available today

sio2logoBuilding on plastic technology expertise developed over 50 years, SiO2 Medical Products has brought new solutions to the traditional challenges with plastic and glass containers. SiO2 Medical Products manufactures parenteral containers that combine the durability of plastic with the barrier properties and product contact properties of high purity glass.

SiOPlas™ containers are precision molded from medical grade polymers with a thin, transparent, silicon-oxide based coating applied to the interior surface of the container. This allows our parenteral containers to provide customers the durability of plastic with the high purity and barrier properties of glass, while eliminating the shortcomings of existing glass and plastic containers.

Our barrier system coated containers effectively address current issues being experienced by the parenteral drug industry with respect to primary containers and potential interactions with the stored drugs. The SiOPlas™ containers are ideally suited for sensitive biologics.

Product profile

SiOPlas™ syringes, vials, cartridges with the barrier coating system are gas impermeable, have no mechanism for delamination, and are physically robust. SiO2 Medical Products offers a silicone oil-free lubricity option that provides more consistent plunger force and lower extractables as compared to silicone oil.

On-line inspection systems have been developed that deliver containers meeting a six-sigma quality level for critical defects. SiO2´s parenteral products are available in a Ready-to-use (RTU) format: sterilized and free of Endotoxins.


Track and Trace Compatibility — Laser etched unique 2D bar code and/or serial number at each individual SiOPlas™ container; GS1 compliant Tracking ID

Six Sigma Quality — 25 in-process, non-destructive quality checks on each SiOPlas™ container including complete scanning of the interior surface to assure a particle free container down to 50 microns.

No Leachables/Extractables — The silicon-oxide barrier coating system applied to each container provides a barrier to any leachables.

No Silicone-oil — SiOPlas™ containers are also available without Silicone-oil. No aggregation related to silicone oil will occur.

Wide Ranging Compatibility — SiO2’s containers are stable across a wide pH range minimizing the need for re-formulation.

Low O2 Permeation — The pure silicon-oxide plasma coating applied to the container interior provides an oxygen barrier similar to containers constructed of glass

No Glass Delamination — Pure SiO2 barrier coating with no heavy metals or trace impurities typically found in borosilicate glass eliminating the mechanism of delamination.

Improved Shelf-life and Reliability

Manufacturing Traceability — Electronic batch record for each SiOPlas™ container available including quality inspection data. This information is available upon customer request.

Tungsten and Adhesive-free Production Process of Staked Needle Syringes


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