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High Quality. Sustainability. Compliance.

Sustainability is what we do and is the core element of both – our service offerings and how we operate our business. We aim to bring our business values to as many partners as we can. We are acting globally hand in hand with our affiliates in order to reach clients and suppliers.


We are experienced, eager, dedicated... and we enjoy what we do!


A regular supervision by competent authorities confirms that we work in compliance with national and international cGXP legislations and trends – day by day.


Midas Pharma is a global acting pharmaceutical service provider. For these activities we hold a broad variety of registrations, licenses and permissions.

Grafik Quality

Our legal package covers the following activities:

  • Manufacturing authorisation – Midas Pharma is your full-fledged Pharma business partner.
  • Certificate of GMP Compliance – An integral element of Midas Pharma is our GMP compliant quality management system.
  • Registration for Distribution of Drug Substances – Worldwide and GDP compliant distribution is one of our core competencies.
  • Authorisation for Wholesale Distribution – Since 2005 Midas is holding wholesales permission of pharmaceutical finished dosage forms.
  • GXP premises such as storage areas are qualified and under permanent temperature monitoring.
  • Import Registration – Registered and monitored by the local competent authorities.
  • Narcotics Permission – Midas is registered in Europe as well as in the US to manage narcotic substances. For example, we are licensed to participate in the transport of narcotics in accordance with the requirements of the German Narcotics Act (BtMG).
  • FAMI QS Certificate – Midas Pharma is your quality and safety system provider (gate keeper) for special feed ingredients since 2013.

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Dr. Christian Fabian

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