Your start at Midas Pharma

At Midas Pharma, all doors are open even to young professionals without practical experience. We attach great importance to an intensive and comprehensive induction and organise this especially for young professionals.

We firmly believe that all skills can be learned with the necessary ambition and therefore place great emphasis on matching personal values and career goals during the application process.

In particular, we are looking for vocational training or university graduates in the fields of chemistry (including biomedical or economic chemistry), biology, pharmacy or biotechnology who also have an interest in commercial topics.

We are also looking for economists who are not afraid of scientific topics.

After joining Midas, many different career paths are open to you. We support our employees through internal and external further training, part-time study programmes (bachelor to doctorate) and individual development paths.

Current job offers

Would you like to develop professionally and are you looking for an area of activity with creative freedom? Team spirit is close to your heart and you like to think one step ahead? Then we should get to know each other.

Lukas Schwegler talks about his first 100 days at Midas as a trainee in Marketing and Sales.

Lukas Schwegler wanted to start his career after completing his Master's degree. He successfully applied for the first sales trainee position at Midas and now reports on his first 100 days in his new job.   

Have we caught your interest?

We are always looking for talented and dedicated professionals. If you are ready to take your career to the next level and would like to become part of the Midas Pharma team, we look forward to receiving your speculative application.

  • Applicant Data Protection

    Employee data

    Midas raises, uses and processes employee data, which are used for the purpose of establishing, maintaining and terminating of working relationships. Thus, all data that are necessary for the future course of the working relationship, are being collected by Midas.

    Applicant data

    The purpose of an job interview is it to get to know the applicant. During such job interviews all kind of personal data are brought to the attention of Midas. These data are raised, used and processed by Midas. The personal data comprise of the particulars of the applicant such as but not limited to the kind of data which came up during a job interview are e.g. name, contact data, age, job, languages, certificates, soft skills and also parts of the c.v. (personal interests, hobbies…). A photo is also a part of personal data concerning the applicant.

    a.) raising, using and processing of the applicant data
    Midas only collects data, which are necessary for the establishment of the employment of the applicant.

    b.) saving time of data

    1. Applicant data
      Personal data of applicant are saved by Midas only until the decision of the recruitment of the applicant.
    2. Rejected applicants
      Personal data of applicant are saved for a period of five months after informing the applicant about his rejection.
    3. Adjusted applicants
      After a successful recruitment, the job applicant data are saved for the term of the employment. Thus, the applicant data are going to be part of the personnel file in order to check his suitability concerning new requirements.

    c.) deletion of the applicant data
    After five months, the data of rejected applicants are going to be deleted. This applies to all electronically saved personal data of the applicant. The application documents in paper will be sent back to the applicant, but only if the application was not an unsolicited application. Within this time, only human ressources devision has access to these data.

    d.) talent pool of rejected applicants
    Rejected applications could be interesting for Midas in future. Thus, it is interesting for Midas to save some of the applicant personal data. For this reason, if you expressly agree, probably your applicant data are saved by Midas. The statement of consent will be sent to you, if your application is rejected. Only if you return the signed statement of consent. your data are going to be saved.

    e.) Data transmission to third parties
    Your personal data are going to be transmitted to third parties, but only if you expressly agree or there is a legal authorization. The transmission is only performed, if your protectionable interests are ensured. Midas ensures, that a appropriate protection level is granted.

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