Sustainability at Midas Pharma

For Midas as a family owned company, Health, Safety, Environment and Ethics are important factors to assure a sustainable business in the future. Each and every one of us is responsible to protect our environment, our people and our customers. We also encourage our suppliers to share our values and to support us in achieving our sustainability goals.

Midas Pharma has already achieved a lot, especially in the areas of safety, biodiversity and usage of renewable energy.

In order to make sure that HSE related activities have a secular effect we have summarized our commitments with respect to Health, Safety, Environment, Community, Quality and Ethics  in “Our Credo” which is signed by K.H. Schleicher (President & CEO, founder and owner) and the Managing Directors.

Our HSE Management System is embedded in our Quality Manual following ISO 9001 and linked to our “Code of Conduct” and our “Third Party Supplier Code”.

We have to permanently rethink our approach with respect to HSE, because developments in this area are advancing rapidly. Our aim is to adapt our concept, or to include new approaches in a timely manner. 

For us, the statement from Greta Thunberg – “we can`t save the world by playing by the rules, because the rules have to be changed. Everything needs to change, and it has to start today” - has encouraged us to do much more for HSE in our day to day work. 

"Midas Pharma feels a strong commitment to sustainability. We are dedicated to achieve excellence in environmental, health and safety matters and care about our employees, their families, our suppliers and our customers.

We are engaged to develop and market products of qood quality, at competitive prices and backed up by a secure supply chain, in order to support the health care systems in the countries we are active in.

Midas has already achieved a lot with respect to Quality, Diversity, Health, Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility.

I want Midas – as an important partner for the pharmaceutical industry – to set a good example in this regard."

Karl-Heinz Schleicher,

President & CEO Midas Pharma


In order to make sure that HSE related activities have a secular effect we have summarized our commitments with respect to Health, Safety, Environment, Community, Quality and Ethics in “Our Credo”.

“We want to be the leading pharmaceutical company with regard to the business segments we are focusing on, which requires besides high quality standards a clear common under­standing about our responsibility for HSE aspects. For all employees working in a modern, progressive and future oriented enterprise it is mandatory to live health, safety and environment rules day by day.”

Dirk Weidenbach,

COO Midas Pharma



Sustainability – a matter of concern @ Midas

Sustainability has been a matter close to the hearts of Midas as a company and our employees worldwide for many years. This is reflected in numerous initiatives.

100% “green” electricity out of renewable energy

Midas Pharma has started already 10 years ago to use 100% “green” electricity out of renewable energy at the headquarters in Ingelheim.

LED lights – small step with big effect

As part of our activities for a sustainable management of our office buildings, in March 2021 we replaced the high-maintenance and high-consumption halogen bulbs in the corridor lighting of the headquarters with environmentally friendly LED bulbs.

Cycling @ Midas

Since 2020, Midas offers the leasing of a bicycle, this initiative is called "JobRad". It not only saves CO2, but also keeps you fit. All employees can use the bike for commuting to work and in their free time. 

Sustainable print paper

Even if digitalization moves forward rapidly in the company, printouts are still necessary in various cases. For this reason, we at Midas have decided to switch to 100% recycled paper. This measure saves wood, water, energy and as well a lot of CO2.

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