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Intermediates for BioPharma

Within the Division of Intermediates for BioPharma, Midas is providing services and products in the field of intermediates and building blocks for biopharmaceuticals such as drug conjugates (Linkers & Payloads), Peptides (natural & unnatural Amino-acids) as well as Nucleic Acids (Nucleotides, Cap-analogues and Phosphoramidites).

Working with Midas means:

  • Full service, from enquiry to delivery, taking care of all customer needs.
  • Broad portfolio of building blocks, ready-to-use as well as customized contract manufacturing or other customized solutions.
  • Technical experienced PhD Chemists and Biochemists in the fields of peptide, RNA/DNA, oligonucleotide and drug conjugate synthesis..
  • Support in quality and regulatory related topics such as compilation of CMC documentation for filing in different territories, taking care of Deficiency letters or Life Cicle Management.
  • Midas is working only with qualified manufacturing partners with production at GMP compliant/certified sites from R&D to commercial scales, ensuring high quality products.
  • With affiliates in nine countries (including China, India and US) and manufacturing partner worldwide, Midas has access to all markets and can make use of this global sourcing and marketing network to find the matching intermediate or building block for biopharmaceuticals.

Our BioPharma-Portfolio

Find out more about our most important BioPharma fields!

  • Nucleic Acids

    Midas is offering building blocks for the chemical or enzymatic synthesis of all classes of Nucleic Acid therapeutics (incl. mRNA as well as Oligonucleotides).

    We offer:

    • All necessary building blocks for RNA and DNA synthesis
    • Customized manufacturing services for specific phosphoramidites and cap analogues available
    • Existing portfolio of (modified) phosphoramidites, tri-, di- and monophosphate nucleotides and protected nucleosides

  • Drug conjugates

    In the field of drug conjuagtes Midas is actively working with intermediates for Antibody-drug conjugates as well as other drug conjugates (e.g. peptide-drug conjugates, small molecule-drug conjugates, …)

    Midas can provide:

    • Fermentative as well as full chemically synthesized payloads
    • Cleavable and non-cleavable linkers
    • One-Stop-Shop for drug conjugates (From the synthesis of the building blocks up to the bioconjugation of the final conjugate)

    Besides our ready-to-use products, please also ask us for our customized solutions and contract manufacturing of payloads or linkers.

  • Peptides
    • Portfolio of natural and unnatural amino acids
    • High chemical and optical purity > 99.9%

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