End-to-end Solutions for Biologics & Combination Products

Midas Pharma accelerates the development of Biologics and Drug Device Combinations with experience and complementary pharmaceutical functions.

Midas offers a portfolio of products, solutions and know how in all stages of your product life cycle to the execution of defined tasks and functions.

This contributes to more speed and higher success rates – from pre-clinic to commercial in your projects.

  • From Pre-Clinic to Phase 1–3
    • Intermediates for biopharma (mRNA, TIDES, payload, linkers)
    • Selection and coordination of CMOs for development of
      • Cell-line
      • API process
      • Fill-finish process
    • Selection of devices
    • Sourcing & supply of RLDs (reference listed drugs)
    • Manufacturing and packaging of clinical material, incl. distribution to CROs
    • Medical services (answering medical questions related to clinical trials)
    • Evaluation and compilcation of CMC part
    • Support for all QA/QC related topics
    • Take over of regulatory and quality responsibilities
    • Importer & exporter of records
    • Acting as approved pharmaceutical developer and manufacturer
  • Commercial Supply
    • Coordination of the supply chain end-to-end, incl. assembly & sterilization of combination products and logistics
    • Take over of pharmaceutical responsibilities:
      • Product release/certification
      • Acting as MA holder
      • QPPV and pharmacovigilance (PV) services
    • Wholesale & distribution services in EU
    • Outlicensing (USA, EU, China, South East Asia, LATAM)
    • Product transfers


  • From pre-clinic to commercial with more speed and higher success rates
  • Reduction of complexity by combining and coordinating all activities
  • Adding pharmaceutical, technical, regulatory and quality know how
  • De-risking your development by joining forces
  • One-Stop-Shop or Modular Service Offer

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Dr. Matthias Bauch

Biotechnology & Devices
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