Medical Devices: The Gerresheimer Autoinjector®

Ideal Platform for Biological Drugs as well as Small Molecules

System overview

  • Extremely robust cartridge based injection device for single use applications
  • Intramuscular or subcutaneous injection
  • True platform for various formulations
  • Superior performance with high viscous drugs
  • Fill volumes from 0.1ml to 3ml using industry standard glass or COP/COC cartridges
  • No strain peak due to pre-pressurization
  • Connectivity may easily be added

Key advantages

  • Superior delivery of viscous formulations:
    1 ml (of up to 100 cps) within 10 seconds with 31G / 29G or 27G injection needle
  • Pressurized system:
    No air bubble; reduced likelihood for loss of sterility; no stopper movement
  • Improved stability: 
    Positive pressure during storage provides in-built leak detection
  • Dry needle: 
    Use of smaller gauge needles possible, no boot required, less damage (no contact with cap), smaller needles possible
  • Advantages of cartridge based systems: 
    Variable needle sizes, no tungsten, no glue, drug product is not in contact with needle during storage
  • No possibility of accidental discharge: 
    Drug delivery activated only when injection needle is fully inserted
  • Easy-of-use design:
    No release button, only two user steps; no hand movement, see figures 1, 2
  • Improved compliance: 
    Unique visual control of injection in real time, silent operation


  • Protection by own relevant IP claims: Worldwide patents are already granted
  • Freedom to operate regarding third party rights
  • Prototypes for demonstration purposes readily available
  • Less than 12 month from current status to availability of functional prototypes for R&D purpose (pre-designed with a tool box)
  • CE–Mark registration is under development

Development Options

  • True platform: only few changes necessary to enable various formulations, volumes and viscosities (e.g. different spring forces or flexible needle lengths / diameter)
  • Customized features and design possible
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Medical Devices: The Gerresheimer Autoinjector®

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