The technology of the Gerresheimer Autoinjector:

Ideal for biopharmaceuticals and APIs

System overview

  • Easy handling for the patient for single use
  • Constant injection pressure
  • Suitable for intramuscular or subcutaneous injection
  • Ideal platform technology for a wide range of pharmaceutical formulations
  • Excellent suitability for highly viscous solutions
  • Injection volumes from 0.1 ml to 3.0 ml possible by using standard cartridges

Key advantages

  • Superior delivery of viscous formulations:
    Liquids with up to 100 cP can be applied.
  • Pressurized system:
    Due to the constant pressure on the cartridge, there is no initial pressure peak and air bubbles are reduced or dissolved completely. 
  • Flexible needle system:
    Needle diameters from 22G to 31G are possible.
  • Carpul system:
    No contact of the formulation with the needle during storage, thus no additional primary packaging components such as tungsten or glue as usual for PFS.
  • No accidental discharge: 
    Drug delivery activated only when injection needle is fully inserted, no separate trigger mechanism.


  • Protection by own relevant IP claims: Worldwide patents are already granted
  • Freedom to operate regarding third party rights
  • Look and feel prototypes for demonstration purposes readily available

Development Options

  • True platform: only few changes necessary to enable various formulations, volumes and viscosities (e.g. different spring forces or flexible needle lengths / diameter)
  • Customized features and design possible
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Medical Devices: The Gerresheimer Autoinjector®

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