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The technology of the Gx Inbeneo®:

Ideal for biopharmaceuticals and APIs

We, Midas Pharma GmbH and Gerresheimer AG, decided to join forces and develop the next–generation pre–pressurized & cartridge–based autoinjector. The product offers biotech and pharma companies new possibilities in the treatment of patients with various diseases.

Our Next-Generation Autoinjector

Platform technology designed to fit drug formulations with different properties

  • Customizable spring force
  • Customizable subcutaneous needle 25, 27, and 29G Thin Wall gauge
  • Compatible with 1.5 and 3.0 mL ISO cartridges
  • Intended for low and high viscosity (e.g. 100 cP)
  • Adaptation for I.M. injections possible
  • Adaptation for 5.0 mL cartridges possible

Customer’s benefits

Single-use autoinjector for subcutaneous injection

  • Cartridge-based, pre-pressurized cartridge
  • Double-sided needle system for reduced injection time
  • No contact between the needle and the drug during storage (dry needle)
  • Cartridge with baked-on siliconization is possible
  • Terminal gas sterilization compatible with biologics
  • Air bubble size decrease in cartridge due to pressure
  • No seperate spring release mechanism

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Discover how the Gx Inbeneo autoinjector was purpose-designed to provide an effective, easy-to-use solution for the subcunateous self-administration of sensitive biopharmaceuticals.

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