Contract Manufacturing of Biologics / Biosimilars (Large Molecules)

Our biotech services cover:

  • Coordination of Process Tech Transfer from CRO to CMO for cGMP manufacture of the DS including up-scaling
  • Coordination of Tech Transfer (e.g. analytical methods) to CMO for Fill & Finish
  • On-site GMP audit of CMOs

Together with selected CMOs being our partners, we offer our services on a strictly confidential basis but with full transparency between all parties.

Our extensive experience in project management, with optimal support from our scientific and technical teams, increases the possibility of success for our customers’ projects.


Biotechnology Services Pyramide – CMO; CRO/CMO
CRO: Contract Research Organisation; CMO: Contract Manufacturing Organisation

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Dr. Andreas Brutsche

Dr. Andreas Brutsche

Corporate Development
Global Vice President Innovation Pharmaceuticals

Midas Pharma GmbH
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55218 Ingelheim
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