Supply Chain Management Finished Dosage Forms

Under observation of the relevant rules and regulations Supply Chain Management Finished Dosage Forms (SCM FDF) establishes and organizes each and every necessary process for the successful and continuous supply chain of pharmaceutical finished dosage forms.

Our activities cover the procurement of active pharmaceutical ingredients until the delivery of the finished dosage form. This is achieved by working within and with a global network of manufacturers of API and finished dosage forms. These are mainly located in Europe, Asia and New Zealand.

To cope with the requirements of the pharmaceutical product life cycle and considering the long lasting experiences in this area, SCM FDF is subdivided in two centers of competency:

  • Management of Launch Projects
  • Management of the commercial phase of the product lifecycle

Launch Phase:

As each launch project means re-inventing the pharmaceutical supply chain, one part of the team is dedicated and committed especially to this challenge.

Commercial Phase:

After successfully establishing the supply chain, the project is handed over to those team members taking care of it during its commercial lifespan.

The successful transfer of the project from launch to commercial phase is safeguarded by hand-in-hand cooperation of the responsible team members already during launch phase.


While being able to administer a modular approach to the management of the supply chain Midas SCM FDF covers all processes to manage the complete supply chain of pharmaceutical finished dosage forms.



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