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Lukas Schwegler talks about his first 100 days at Midas as a trainee in Marketing and Sales.

Lukas Schwegler wanted to start his career after completing his Master's degree. He successfully applied for the first sales trainee position at Midas and now reports on his first 100 days in his new job.   

Lukas, how did you come to Midas Pharma GmbH to start your career?

After completing my master's degree, I was looking for the right way to start my career. When I decided that I wanted to work in the pharmaceutical industry, I went straight on the search. However, since I hadn't had much experience with the pharmaceutical world before, I knew that a direct entry wouldn't make sense. Consequently, I started looking for a trainee position.

First of all, it has to be said that I have always been involved in marketing and sales. It was part of my studies and I did all my internships and student jobs in this area. So it was immediately clear that I wanted to do a sales traineeship and then in the pharmaceutical industry.

One day I stumbled across the job advertisement of Midas Pharma GmbH by chance and had never heard of this company before. But when I read the job posting, it was clear that I would apply directly and did so. And as luck would have it, today I am the first sales trainee at Midas.

What did you study and why?

After graduating from high school in 2014, I decided to do a dual study program in the field of fitness economics. Here the focus was on health-oriented fitness sports, combined with business administration. Since I did a dual study, I worked for the company Bodystreet as a personal trainer during my studies. I chose this study program because sports has always been a very big passion of mine and the idea of making this my profession was of course perfect.

After completing my bachelor's degree, however, I decided against sports and in favor of business administration because I saw more opportunities for a professional career in this field. So it was clear to me that I wanted to deepen this area with a master's degree and expand my knowledge. I finally decided on a master's degree in business management because it included a specialization in entrepreneurship.

How does the trainee program look like? What is the support like?

The sales trainee program at Midas runs over 2 years and is based on a schedule that is agreed upon together beforehand. This plan consists of 4 phases of 6 months each, in which you get to know and work in different tasks and departments of the Marketing and Sales division. In addition to this rotating schedule, I receive further education and training. During the entire 2 years, I have several mentors and godparents who are always at my side and accompany me through the trainee program.

The very first thing is an induction phase. Here, the focus is first of all on onboarding and getting to know the company, colleagues and work areas. After that, the trainee program is divided into several phases:

The first two phases take place in internal sales and key account management. Here I'll learn about order processing procedures and booking orders, as well as customer visits, budgeting and business travel.

In phase three, I will then work in the interface areas of key account management. This also includes a possible stay abroad at another Midas location.                                        

In the fourth and final phase, I will be specifically prepared for my position.

What was your highlight in your first 100 days at Midas?

I can answer this question quite clearly.

The cohesion and togetherness at Midas.

Since I started at Midas, there have been various highlights. First of all, the wonderful welcome into the entire Midas company. Everything is very personal right from the start and you get to know every employee, whether in training or in management.  This impression has continued directly with the induction. You can ask any colleague for help and are supported directly in case of problems.

Of course, there have been many other highlights since I started at Midas, such as the CPhI trade fair, various business meetings and events, but I have never experienced such cooperation and mutual support in my career so far!

What do you think separates the trainee program from direct entry?

One clear difference is, of course, the process and the rotation within the company. As a trainee, I'm not only prepared for my future job in the first 1.5 to 2 years, but I also get an insight into departments with which I will later work via interfaces. For example, my goal after the trainee program is to work in Key Account Management, but I will also complete phases of my traineeship in departments such as Strategic Alliance, Supply Chain or Quality Management. So I have the opportunity to see a lot of insides of the company during my traineeship.

What does your daily work routine look like?

My day-to-day work is very varied. Currently, I have my first customer contacts and process my first offers and orders. I also support my colleagues in key account management with smaller tasks and carry out research. In addition to these tasks, there are of course daily meetings, initial training sessions and further education. So I don't really have a daily work routine and I learn something new every day.

Describe Midas in three words:

Cohesion ; International ; Diverse

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