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Michael Kwasny talks about his experience in Quality Management at Midas.

Michael Kwasny started his job as Quality Manager in the Quality Control department at Midas Pharma last year. He particularly appreciates the personal and trusting interaction he gets every day.

In which field do you work and how did you come to your profession? 

I work in quality management, especially in the area of quality control. Besides the desk work, I am also responsible for the laboratory at Midas.

I am very happy to tell the story of how I came to my profession, because it was a real coincidence. I did my A-levels at a boarding school, where I had the opportunity to do an extra-occupational training alongside the upper secondary school. So I decided between three possible apprenticeships, for the apprenticeship as a chemical laboratory technician. Fortunately, I enjoyed the apprenticeship so much that the profession has stayed with me until today and I have been in the industry for almost 30 years.

What does a working day look like for you? What are your tasks? 

My work at Midas is very varied. If there is analysis to be done in the lab, I usually start early in the morning. Regularly maintaining equipment, carrying out minor repairs or buying and qualifying new equipment is also part of my job. In general, I would say that the work in the lab makes up about 40-50% of my total work. In addition, I deal with topics such as reference samples, retention samples and writing SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and WIs (Working Instructions). In addition, together with my QM colleagues, I issue approvals for a wide variety of products for our sales departments. So I can look forward to varied tasks every day.

How would you describe the working atmosphere at Midas?

Especially. I previously worked in a larger company where it was rather anonymous. At Midas, I appreciate the personal interaction. In addition, the friendly working environment and the modern buildings are very attractive to me; this creates a pleasant working atmosphere and the exchange with colleagues is encouraged.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

On the one hand, I enjoy the fact that, in addition to my work in the laboratory, I also have a few other topics that I get to look at. This gives me a lot of contact with other departments and insights into exciting projects. On the other hand, I can work very freely and people have a lot of trust in me.

How do you balance your work and how is Midas a part of that?

I like endurance sports and run a lot. I am currently training for an ultramarathon, for which I sometimes cover up to 300 km a month. I also like cycling a lot. There are also some colleagues here in the company who share the same interests, and in addition to the one or other local sports event, sports groups are also formed in the company where everyone is welcome.

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Special, challenging, family atmosphere

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