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Vanessa Heß talks about her apprenticeship and part-time studies at Midas.

She joined the Midas team on September 2017 and started her career with an apprenticeship as an office management expert. Afterwards, she decided to study business administration part-time. After her apprenticeship, she initially worked as a team assistant in “Finished Product Development” and then moved to the "Reference Samples Business" department at Midas. Her tasks are varied and challenging.

You did your apprenticeship at Midas, what apprenticeship did you do and how was the apprenticeship for you?

I did an apprenticeship as an office management expert for 2.5 years. During my apprenticeship, I was able to gain a lot of experience in different departments of the company, which made my day-to-day work very educational and varied.

After that, the decision was made to study, was it clear to you to stay with Midas?

Yes, because I feel very comfortable at Midas and have been able to learn a lot so far. When I was offered the opportunity to study part-time, it was immediately clear to me that I wanted to continue my career at Midas.

What does a working day look like for you? What are your tasks? 

I currently work in the office and some days also from home. My daily tasks include handling customer inquiries or preparing quotations. Among other tasks, I also take care of order processing, goods receipt and goods dispatch.

How do you manage to combine your studies and job?

With good time and organisational management, I manage to fit everything in. I have to manage my time very well and prepare and follow up lectures. There are also very stressful phases, but I always have my goal in mind.

How would you describe the working atmosphere at Midas?

The working atmosphere at Midas is very collegial and familiar. All employees are very helpful. This support and the good teamwork increase motivation a lot.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

What I like most about my job is the close customer contact and the international aspect. Furthermore, I find the variety that this job offers very motivating.

Describe Midas Pharma in 3 words!

Collegiality, teamwork, challenge

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