From lab development to commercial API production

In our competitive environment, decisions have to be made quickly, so a high degree of flexibility and independence is required. And what could be more appropriate for this than a customized and exclusive end-to-end solution from Midas?

Not only does Midas have more than 30 years of experience with all the challenges that can arise on the long road from laboratory development to commercial production, but Midas, as a medium-sized company, is characterized above all by its agile and fast way of working.

Midas has a long track record of successful exclusive API developments projects for customers but also own API development projects arising out of our intrinsic motivation and genuine belief in project ideas. 

API development projects: How exactly does Midas support you and how can you benefit from our experience?

  • The cornerstone of any project is a Freedom to Operate (FTO) analysis to understand the underlying patent landscape coupled with our accumulated market knowledge. This allows us to quickly determine where the risks but also potentials of a customized production lie and how and where they can be managed best.
  • The next step is to build the basic framework of the project, including the evaluation of the required technology & chemical skills, synthesis route (RoS), definition of the starting materials and all necessary process and API production related activities (development, optimization, scale-up, validation, release testing, stability, supportive regulatory documentation and other services). We know that every project has its own unique framework.

For this reason, we are happy to present you customized solutions that are always tailored to your individual needs.

With our worldwide network, know-how and supportive services we assist you in setting-up and maintaining a compliant, reliable and sustainable API supply solution.

As a family-owned company, the personal relationship and a close partnership is very important to us. Midas is highly committed to each project and to provide you, the customer, with a reliable contact person at Midas who will ensure fast and effective solutions for your business and will help you to realize your targets.

Feel free to contact us any time.

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Carolin Hallmann

Carolin Hallmann

Custom Synthesis & Technology Transfer
Product Manager API

Midas Pharma GmbH
Rheinstr. 49
55218 Ingelheim
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