COVID-19: Information by the Management Board

All over the world we can see and feel the increasing impact of COVID-19. The world is facing a major pandemic that is affecting our business as such, our well-established supply chains and even our private lives.
As a worldwide acting player in the pharmaceutical area, it is our responsibility as Midas Pharma GmbH to safeguard the supplies of products to you and to positively contribute to business continuity.

With this article we would like to inform you about the latest situation at our end in the light of the recent decisions of the German Government concerning measures to limit the spread of SARS-CoV-2. This means that:

  • People are instructed to stay at home and work from home;
  • Educational institutions are closed;
  • Businesses are closed except for essential services; and
  • Travelling is severely restricted.

We do expect that the restrictions will remain in place until the 20th of April, hoping they are successful in halting the spread of the virus within our society.

The increasing impact of the recent developments on business and private life is evident. Midas Pharma wants to assure you that we do everything in our power to prevent any negative effects on our supply chains.

Up to now the full impact of the COVID 19 pandemic is difficult to assess, but in close cooperation with our suppliers and manufacturers, Midas Pharma has of course taken precautions and is continuously working on their improvement and adaption to the actual situation. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that there will be no negative effects caused by the current situation and those factors beyond our control.

For our customers the daily business with Midas will remain largely unchanged. All employees with whom you are usually in contact with will be available, mostly from their home offices.

We can assure you that we will continue to work on securing our supply chains and try to find creative and sustainable solutions for upcoming challenges.

In return, we ask for your support regarding the following areas:

  • Please check your requirements until end of 2020 and ideally place the orders well in advance of the standard lead-times. This will give our supply chain team and our manufacturing partners the best chance to secure raw materials and packaging components to fulfil your orders;
  • Please allow an extra 4 weeks for freight delays when placing your orders;
  • Please keep us informed of any challenges you might be facing. If we can assist let us know and we will support and do what we can from our end.

We are aware that these are difficult times for all of us and are confident that by working closely together we can continue to support patients and their families, who necessarily need the products we supply.

We will continue to update you with any changes in our situation.

Kind Regards,

Management Board Midas Pharma GmbH

Here you can download our status report as pdf.

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