Customer Service topics from A to Z - the Customer Service of the International Division introduces itself

Globalization and worldwide trade are steadily increasing in importance, and thus a wide range of foreign trade issues are becoming relevant for all partners involved. There are important aspects that need to be checked and organized in advance and, of course, also during the further course of a project. The International Division's Customer Service acts wherever our technical expertise is required.

The goal is cost- and risk-optimized order processing for our customers.

For example, we support the areas of reference sample business, supply chain management, contract manufacturing, order development and, last but not least, our Midas subsidiaries worldwide.

The areas of responsibility are diverse - we not only focus on import and export with their procedural processes, but also examine the best possible supply chains, are active in logistics planning and consider tax aspects together with our colleagues from the finance department.

In the transport sector, the still ongoing Corona crisis has brought major challenges. Means of transport taken out of the market, lead to rising transport prices and force to rethink and act quickly.

We are in close contact with qualified (GDP compliant) forwarding companies, check individual modes of transport and best possible Incoterms (terms of delivery).

Depending on the industry, legal and product-specific requirements must also be taken into account. Here we are in close contact with our colleagues from Quality Management.

In addition, the Customer Service of the International Division sees itself as an interface to authorities such as customs and BAFA (Federal Office of Economics and Export Control).

We identify and exploit opportunities for free trade, take export control regulations into account, and monitor export transactions.

It is important to identify risks in advance, as regulations in many areas are subject to constant change.

We also act as a point of contact for other Midas divisions when it comes to special payment arrangements, such as letter of credit processing.

The entire team is distinguished by its professional qualifications in the fields of customs and logistics, so that we also regularly plan and conduct internal training courses.

In order to pass on knowledge and promote young talent, we will be training to become a "Management Assistant for Wholesale and Foreign Trade Management" in the International Division from 2022.

We are available to Midas customers and partners on many topics and the cooperation and collaboration with all partners involved ultimately rounds off the activities of the Customer Service of the International Division.

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Birgit Elschker

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