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Since 2008 Midas Pharma is certified by FAMI-QS, a worldwide Quality and Feed Safety Management System for feed ingredients and their mixtures.

FAMI-QS is accredited and operating under IAF MLA (International Accreditation Forum Multilateral Recognition Arrangement). It proactively responds to the upcoming feed-related challenges such as fraud, defence and regulatory compliance in the feed sector.

Furthermore, it assures to governments and consumers of the global feed industry that FAMI-QS certified companies, like Midas Pharma, have the necessary capabilities and objectivity to face the above mentioned challenges within feed supply chains.

The system is specifically designed for international validity and the FAMI-QS Certification. If you are interested in learning more about FAMI-QS and how Midas can add value to your supply chain as distribution partner for feed ingredients & mixtures, please contact us!

Targets of FAMI-QS

  • Improving the quality of animal feed
  • Reduction of hygiene risks for animal feeds
  • Compliance with legal requirements in the field of feed safety
  • Minimization of potential risks

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