New Publication on the Gx Inbeneo® Platform Simulator

The Gx Inbeneo® Platform Simulator – a novel instrument to streamline combination product development - has been introduced in the latest publication of the journal ONdrugDelivery, Issue 156 (Jan 2024), pp 97-100.

The Gx Inbeneo® Platform Simulator, which has been developed by Midas Pharma and Gerresheimer, mimics the Gx Inbeneo® autoinjector platform, enabling different combinations of spring force, needle gauges and volume to be tested with a specific drug product.

Thus, it can be a valuable instrument for pharmaceutical companies bridging the gap between pharmaceutical formulation and medical device development. This innovative approach can significantly streamline the drug-device integration process and reduce time to market for patient-centric combination products.

Primavessy D, Saaler-Reinhardt S, Maksymowicz K, Stockton M, “A Novel Instrument to Streamline Combination Product Development”. ONdrugDelivery, Issue 156 (Jan 2024), pp 97–100.

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