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Death and bidding farewell - a topic that many people are afraid of , even though it is inseparable from life. Children are often left alone with their questions. The project "Hospiz macht Schule" wants to take away the fear of this topic. The Hospice Group Ingelheim e.V. has also been involved in the project for years and has now been supported by Midas Pharma with a donation.

Since 2010, the association has given pupils from 4th grade at primary schools in Ingelheim, Gau-Algesheim, Heidesheim, Ockenheim and Schwabenheim the opportunity to actively deal with this topic.

During the project week, the children can talk about questions and experiences in the protected environment of their school for five days. The project is carried out on site by volunteers from the hospice in Ingelheim. Five topics are on the agenda and are introduced to the pupils in an age-appropriate way through stories, books and film clips.

Statement Dirk Weidenbach, COO Midas Pharma

"We attach great importance on the careful selection of suitable projects that we would like to support with our donations. Saying goodbye to a loved one is often a taboo in our society. Children in particular are often overwhelmed by the sudden death of a family member. That is why we decided to support the project "Hospice makes school". In doing so, we want to contribute to a better way of dealing with a difficult topic that affects us all."


Concerns of the parents about whether their children can handle the confrontation with the topics, can usually be dispelled in advance, but at the latest when it becomes clear how much the children benefit from the exchange. The success of past project weeks shows that the hospice workers were able to successfully taking away the children's fears and provide them with ways of dealing with sadness and loss. 

Since the project "Hospice makes school" is mainly financed by donations, the association is dependent on support.

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