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The training plan at Midas from the point of view of our new colleague at HR

Karina Gert talks about her experiences as a new colleague in HR.

Karina Gert joined our HR team in June 2023. She has had no previous experience in the pharmaceutical industry, which makes her induction all the more exciting. In the following interview, she talks about these experiences and what makes the induction process at Midas so special from an HR perspective.

How did you experience the first days and weeks at Midas Pharma?

The first weeks at Midas were very intensive. In addition to the extensive induction, the entire pharmaceutical sector was new to me. In concrete terms, this meant that even in the HR department there were some guidelines and requirements that were new to me. In addition, there were a lot of new faces, but they all welcomed me very warmly.

How is the initial training at Midas Pharma organised and how is the plan put together?

As already mentioned, the initial training is very broad and consists of various pillars. In addition to on-the-job training, which the departments organise themselves for their new employees, there is also a central induction that is set up by the Human Resources and Quality Management departments. This includes an initial training plan, which includes familiarisation with software and tools, but also an introduction to the most important guidelines and laws in the pharmaceutical sector. Then there is the Onboarding Plan, which is individually tailored to Midas and whose goal is to get to know and understand the areas, products and services of our company as a whole. This also focuses on personal and social onboarding, because through this plan you get to know many Midas employees personally. Furthermore, new employees are assigned SOPs, or Standard Operating Procedures, or in simple terms, work instructions, in the document management system, which need to be worked on in order to understand how everything works.

How would you describe the sponsorship programme and where do you see the greatest advantages?

The mentoring programme is a special feature of the induction process at Midas, which I did not know from previous employers. Every new employee is assigned a mentor who does not work in his or her own department. He or she helps you find your way around in the first few days and weeks, introduces you to the departments and colleagues during a tour, and is your first point of contact for questions not related to your field. It is not uncommon for friendships to develop in the process. HR tries to find commonalities in the selection process. Since I joined, I have already had the privilege of selecting patrons for new admissions and I am always amazed at the willingness of the co-legates to invest this time in addition to their daily work.

From an HR manager's point of view, what makes the induction plan so valuable for new employees?

Midas invests a lot of time in induction so that every new employee gets the chance to understand the concept of Midas and its complexity. It also helps to get to know your colleagues and to be able to assign them to areas right from the start.

What was most valuable for you personally as a new employee at Midas Pharma?

Definitely the cooperation with my colleagues. I was directly involved in the department, a lot of time was taken for me and I was given a lot of trust and responsibility right from the start, both by my team and by all the employees. After only a short time, I already feel very comfortable here at Midas.

Describe Midas in 3 words!

Cooperative, diversified, challenging

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