Coripharma and Midas to cooperate on sales & marketing

Coripharma and Midas Pharma GmbH have entered into a cooperation agreement for contract manufacturing of SOD finished dosage forms.

Combining the extensive market knowledge of the Midas team in Ingelheim, Germany, and the long-established production expertise of the Coripharma team in Hafnarfjordur, Iceland, the companies are now able to offer their partners a solution to optimize the supply chain of several established products. At the same time, this opens new opportunities for future collaboration.

Bjarni K. Thorvardarson, CEO Coripharma

“Coripharma and Midas have collaborated on several projects over the past months, and we are delighted to have formalized our partnership with the objective of providing the best possible service to our customers. 

Our team in Iceland is able to rapidly and reliably supply around 60 different molecules that have been manufactured at this site before.”

Karl-Heinz Schleicher, President & CEO Midas Pharma

“The partnership with Coripharma is based on my personal connection with the experienced Icelandic team over a period of multiple years. I look forward to seeing Midas’ and Coripharma’s collaboration.”

Coripharma cooperation with Midas

Solid heritage

Built on solid heritage, Coripharma’s manufacturing site was originally established in 1981, for local pharmaceutical production in Iceland. The facility was later expanded to cater for the international growth of Actavis’ predecessor Delta, that later merged with Pharmaco, before the combined company rebranded as Actavis in 2004.

With regular launches on day one, often as the first generic pharmaceutical company to market after patents expired in Europe, the manufacturing site played an important role in the growth story of Actavis. The business expanded from a local manufacturer in Iceland to one of the biggest generic players Europe and in the world.

The site was owned by TEVA Pharmaceuticals, after its global acquisition of Actavis’ generics business in 2016, before it was acquired by the experienced former Actavis team at Coripharma in 2018.


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