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In addition to its successful commitment as a pharmaceutical company, Midas also looks back on a long history in the procurement and supply of chemicals and intermediates. In our reporting series "Midas Distribution Chemicals", you will learn how the chemicals segment has established at Midas and since then is contributing to the success of our customers.

Midas Distribution Chemicals – origin and future

It goes without saying that the foundation and history of Midas Pharma is closely linked to Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients „APIs“ and its relevance to Pharmaceutical Industry. Nevertheless, majority of these APIs are so-called ‘Small Molecules’ which were and still are made by organic synthesis. Hence chemistry plays a dominant role even for Pharma.

With its foundation in 1988 Midas Pharma started to focus on APIs and established numerous co-operations with API-manufacturers right from the beginning. The more comprehensive the API product portfolio the more sophisticated the chemical technology became. Less visible but historically just one year after starting Midas itself the first contract with a chemical manufacturer got signed: Since 1989 Midas Pharma is intensively involved in Methane Sulphonic Acid (MSA) and Methan Sulfonyl Chloride (MSC) distribution namely to API manufacturers, enabling those API manufacturers to generate proper Mesylate APIs at scale. Ultra-pure and almost impurity-free Methane Sulfonyl Chloride results from challenging gas-phase chlorination as method of choice.

This explains the rich fundus of chemistries available to the Midas experts, stepwise added while deeply coping with the technologies of its manufacturing partners. 

A first consequence was to bring together abilities resulting from manufacturer’s production set-up at different scales and to combine them with the sincere interest of established Pharmaceutical companies and evolving Start-Up scene asking for custom synthesis – the hour of birth of Midas´ activities in Custom Synthesis.

The nature of Custom Synthesis is trust and exclusivity

Midas coped with technology in a manner that combined strengths even of more than one partner to form alliances offering the package that wins the day.

Chemistry, namely classic and modern organic chemistry driven under cGMP, contributed all the time to Midas´ API business. Corresponding Custom Synthesis activities thereof were by definition made to satisfy one single customer with its specific needs at a time but did not allow to spread the wide know-how to a variety of customers at the same time.

To reflect customers needs for chemical products, required even at large and industrial scale, based on rather specific chemistries and often related to a demanding handling, storage and/or transportation Midas made specific efforts to establish a concept which led stepwise to a pretty wide and relevant portfolio.


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Sustainable solutions for the fine chemicals industry

Interestingly the tasks often were born in Pharma-driven Fine Chemicals environment but once mastered their use was not limited to Pharma anymore. Consequently, such products get meanwhile marketed to numerous industries such as Fine Chemicals, Agro, Flavor & Fragrance, Construction Chemicals, Electronics or Pulp & Paper.

This led to a new, enlarged set-up, wherein Organic and Technical Chemists, Engineers and Supply Chain specialists actively develop, establish, qualify and practice modern distribution. This includes REACH obligations, dangerous goods handling compliance, customs tariff and proceedings, responsible and product-specific storage and last but not least modern and resource-efficient transport, among others almost carbon-dioxide neutral multi-modal transports for multi-thousand-ton supplies.

Interdisciplinary know-how ensures targeted solutions

Apart from more than 10.000 Fine Chemicals in a proprietary chemical compound database which is growing steadily for more than a decade we are distinguishing manufacturing capabilities. We started to track and categorize all the specific company know-how in a way that we can filter out the most relevant technology and apply numerous questions to any new challenge which comes across. It gives us a clear view which set-up should be suitable to overcome hurdles and allows a definition from scratch which leads to long-lasting solutions.

Procurement and supply of chemicals in compliance with industrial requirements

Concomitant herewith it plays a crucial role to assure fast and reliable access to stocks of relevant compounds. Dangerous goods attributes and shelf life may require rather specific set-up. The large-scale manufacture of a modern antibiotic API induced huge needs of Sodium Borohydride (NaBH4) solid material. Being a dangerous good which may react violently with water requires a warehouse without any water in fire-extinguishing – a real challenge, aside of safe transport. Mastering the corresponding preconditions Sodium Borohydride solid material as fine powder, coarse powder or granules became the first Distribution flagship product of Midas´ Chemicals team. Several years later the same product as its caustic 12/40% solution represents as new era in serving and supplying European Pulp & Paper industry Sodium Borohydride.

Documented quality for all industry segments

Protection groups are an import area in Fine Chemicals industry. While Pharma may afford BOC-Protection, it requires cleavage of the same in equimolar amounts. Dedication and care led to a constellation where Midas was able to serve all the industry segments with an ultra-pure and very well documented quality of e.g. Trifluoroacetic acid to enable such cleavage.

Less costly but as demanding are other techniques such as Silylation. Various silylation compounds are known. Hexamethyldisilazane (“HMDS”) is a very popular silanizing component, applied among others to increase hydrophobic nature of surfaces.

Professional handling of dangerous goods - even of critical and highly reactive substances

Nowadays Midas´ set-up allows full service from inquiry to supply, access to fine chemical sources with highest quality standards from all around the world, EHS monitoring of critical raw materials and of course procurement of difficult to source chemicals. This is complimented by warehouse solutions (also on customer demand), fast and secured supply of dangerous goods and safe handling of corrosive or highly reactive substances.

You will benefit of our supplier evaluation and qualification, quality and regulatory support and supply chain reliability over all. Midas will continue to steadily enlarge its portfolio, addressing further industry needs – let us know your unmet need!

For more detailed information, please contact our Business Segment Head Dr. Peter Markus or your local Sales Manager.

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