Midas China offers support in supplier qualification

Midas China helps you to evaluate your suppliers. Especially now, during COVID-19 times, our Quality Management Department can travel in China on your behalf!

Midas China: Supplier Evaluation

Meanwhile, Midas is not only specialized in plain GMP qualification (with corresponding Declarations and Statements from our Qualified Person, as a result of our activities, audit reports and CAPA follow-ups) but also monitors the very import topic of "EHS (Environment, Health and Safety)" throughout the whole auditing procedure.

These are our evaluation points:

  1. Midas pays attention to provinces/ cities that are under special observation. But basically, these sensitizations apply meanwhile to the whole country. Midas conducts case-by-case evaluations.
  2. Midas observes: Does the company in question have a location within an Industrial Park? This is important because the government believes that it can better control companies when they are all "in one place" and are not scattered all over the country. If a company is "lonely in the country", the EHS system and relationships with the local authority must be very good. The same goes for big cities, like Shanghai.
  3. Midas observes: How is the company’s own EHS infrastructure, what was invested in optimizing wastewater system and reduction of air pollution, how much, and how is the access to wastewater treatment infrastructure of the city/ district? How did the last inspections develop?
  4. Midas observes: Which products are manufactured and how important are they for the company? Is the supply chain sustainable? Does one of the products and its potential cancellation from the product list due to EHS regulations lead to an unhealthy financial situation for the company?
  5. Midas observes: What are the main precursors of the manufacturer's most important products and where are they made and how do these companies then answer questions 1-4 of the above-mentioned evaluation points?

Please ask us – we can help you to qualify your products and keep them in your portfolio, in a sustainable manner!



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