Midas Pharma engages in the Working Group „Health in Asia“ of the OAV and GHA

The OAV - German Asia-Pacific Business Association and the GHA - German Health Alliance are two of Germany’s major business networking platforms with strong connections to German ministries and German and Asian embassies as well as enterprises and business managers.

The OAV founded in 1900, promotes the development of economic relations with the Asia-Pacific region, and supports German companies in their activities in Asia. The OAV provides its members with independent information and assessments of trends and potentials in the region.  

The GHA consists of more than 100 leading German players from business and industry, as well as civil society and NGOs, and establishes long-term partnerships with a specific focus on global health highest quality medical technologies, solutions & services necessary to broadly enhance health infrastructure and access to healthcare services.

The OAV  has an extensive regional expertise in Asia-Pacific, and the GHA is focusing on the healthcare sector.


In November 2021, both institutions established together a new Working Group “Health in Asia” of which Dr. Bhuwnesh Agrawal, CEO of Sysmex Inostics, and Ben Schalke, Director International Partnering & Sourcing at Midas Pharma, are Co-Chairmen. On March 29th, 2022,the Working Group held its first webinar about the pharma and medtech markets in South East Asia, e.g. Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia.

They are organizing two more events this year with the primary goal to continuously support German companies on their way to further develop the Asian healthcare markets. If you are interested to join the working group, please do not hesitate to reach out to Ben Schalke.

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Ben Schalke

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