Midas Pharma re-qualified

Successful inspection of the state authority. Being a global acting pharmaceutical service provider, it is important for Midas Pharma to ensure their compliance with national and international cGXP principles and legislations.

A GMP and GDP Inspection was conducted by the competent state authority at the end of October 2021. The inspection took 3 days and was completed without any critical deficiencies.

We at Midas Pharma are particularly proud, to once again, being able to gain the confirmation of our GMP and GDP compliant quality assurance system, by passing the authority inspections successfully.

The renewed certifications for GMP and GDP can be assessed in the menu point Quality.

As an officially registered importer and distributor of active ingredients, as well as a pharmaceutical entrepreneur, Midas Pharma is regularly checked by the national competent authority.

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Dr.  Christian Fabian

Dr. Christian Fabian

Quality Management & GMP-Services

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