Value Added Medicines – A key for differentiation and success in the pharmaceutical world

Value Added Medicines are products that offer an advantage in comparison to existing and established therapeutic options. Midas Pharma has a long track record of successful finished product developments based on known active pharmaceutical ingredients with benefits for patients and health personnel.

Midas expertise in project evaluation and definition, galenical product development, regulatory and medical affairs as well as intellectual property and business development are decisive factors for the success of such Value Added Medicines.

Several Value Added Medicines developed and registered by Midas and in cooperation with development partners have successfully been launched by our marketing partners.

Midas Pharma Value Added Medicines – two Highlights:

Midas Pharma was the first licensor that offered marketing authorizations for the fixed dose combination product of Atorvastatin + Ezetimibe and enabled its licensees to enter the market several years prior to a potential generic launch of the product. Our marketing partners took over market leadership from the originator in several EU countries prior to generic market entries already.

In cooperation with one of our development partners Midas was able to get approval for the first new fixed dose combination product including three active pharmaceutical ingredients (Ramipril+Amlodipine+HCTZ) within the EU. The product has successfully been launched by our marketing partners.

Several other Value Added Medicines have been registered, are in registration or under development.

If you are interested in a development cooperation for Value Added Medicines or are searching for a partner that can support you with its expert services in all stages of your Value Added Medicine project (e.g. API sourcing, galenical and clinical development, technology transfer, regulatory affairs, intellectual property, out-licensing and supply chain management) please get in contact with us.


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