Midas Runs for Charity - Here We Go Again!

Fundraising campaign for Interplast Germany for a hospital in Shevgaon.

The Midas Charity Run will start on Thursday, September 1 and will last until September 30, 2022. Thus, Midas employees will have time throughout the whole month of September to collect miles, and therefore donations.

6,750 kilometers, the equivalent of 4194 miles separate our headquarters in Ingelheim, Germany from the hospital in Shevgaon, India. This is the distance that Midas employees shall cover by either walking, hiking, or cycling. Unlike last year’s charity run, kilometers covered by bicycle will also be included. In this case, “regular” cycling distances count 50%, and electric bicycling kilometers 30%. Each mile covered contributes 2 € to the Midas-funded donation box.

We did it - Midas Charity Run
Status: 2022-10-01

This year, Midas Pharma is supporting Interplast – a foundation located in Bad Kreuznach, near Ingelheim. For more than 25 years, the founder of the organization Dr. André Borsche and his wife Dr. Eva Borsche have been traveling the world to improve medical care for people living in poverty. In almost 200 assistance missions worldwide, Interplast has already been able to help provide plastic surgery and therefore a new quality of life to children scarred by serious accidents, war, or congenital deformities.

Furthermore, the foundation takes care of building hospitals and providing them with up-to-date equipment, as well as trained nursing staff and physiotherapists. The non-profit organization is financed by membership fees and donations - medical professionals along with their expertise can also support Interplast by becoming part of the team.

Midas Runs for Charity – the project

The money raised by the charity run will go to the rural hospital in Shevgaon, India where Dr. Borsche's team will start practicing in February 2023. The small town Shevgaon is located in one of the poorest Indian federal states called Maharastra. Thanks to Father Prakash’s social engagement, the hospital came in contact with Interplast and asked for support eight years ago. Since then, the foundation’s team has been working closely with the local Sisters in order to provide people in need with medical care, as well as food, and a place to stay.

We are delighted that the Midas Management supports this great project and hope for many motivated “athletes” among our Midas employees worldwide. We are confident that we the Midas team will achieve our common goal of accomplishing the 4194 miles.  

Further information about the work of Interplast Germany e.V. can be found here.


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