Midas Runs for Charity 2023 - Fundraising for Yanomami and Libya

Midas Pharma employees collected miles for a good cause all over the world. A longer distance than last year had to be covered to reach the goal in Cucui in the Amazon, 8,859 kilometers away.

With the 2023 charity run, Midas Pharma raised money to support the Yanomami, one of the last indigenous people, in South America.

The participation and excitement at the Charity Run 2023 was great. Not only the kick-off event in the summer garden in Ingelheim was a real highlight, but also the countless sporting activities around the world, marathon participations and the miles collected with friends and family generated a lot of passion. Although the goal of 8,859 kilometers was very ambitious this year, the variety of activities resulted in an incredible 11622 kilometers, the equivalent of 7,222 miles. Thus, the employees exceeded the goal and collected 2,763 kilometers more than they had to, which resulted in a proud amount of 14,500, -€.

Unfortunately, there were complications with the transfer of the donation amount and the natural disaster in Libya happened in the meantime, so Midas decided to send half of the collected donation amount to the crisis area in Libya to support humanitarian aid as quickly as possible. Libya was hit by massive floods in the late summer of 2023, resulting in catastrophic conditions in the country ever since.  This gave Midas the reason to immediately send 7,500, -€ to support Libya and thus implement the basic idea of the Charity Run: We want to support where help is urgently needed. In this way, two projects could be supported at the same time thanks to the amount of money raised. In the meantime, the transfer to South America could also be realized and 7,000, -€ were donated for the support of the Yanomami.


The money in Brazil will be used to support the Yanomami in building a health station. Ms. Haverkamp from Yanomami Hilfe e.v. founded the aid organization in 2006 to support the indigenous people in South America. Regular donations enable her to secure the planning and construction of the health station and thus support the urgently needed medical care on site.

Further information on Yanomami-Hilfe e.V. here.

It is already decided that the Midas Charity Run 2024 will start the next round. Because all help is needed in the Amazon, part of the money raised will go to the Yanomami in 2024.

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