Midas Runs for Charity - here's to a new one!

Fundraising campaign for the Yanomami in the Amazon

8,859 kilometres, the equivalent of 5505 miles, separate our headquarters in Ingelheim, Germany, from one of the last remaining indigenous people in South America. Midas employees will walk, hike, swim or cycle this distance together. Every mile covered contributes €2 to the Midas-funded donation box.

The charity run will start on Monday, May 1, 2023, and employees will have time until May 31 to collect miles and donations. Unlike the last Charity Run in 2022, this time the kilometres that are covered by swimming will also be counted.

Miles covered by swimming count as 4 times, miles covered by cycling as 50% and by e-bike as 30%.

Status: 2023-05-31

This year, Midas Pharma is supporting the Yanomami in Cucui in the Amazon of Brazil. The Yanomami are one of the last remaining indigenous people in South America. They live in the northern Brazilian Amazon and in the headwaters of the Orinoco in southern Venezuela. The Yanomami are characterised by a unique community life in which they preserve their unique culture and at the same time live in harmony with nature. They live from hunting, fishing, bananas and manioc. The Yanomami live in round villages, so-called malokas or shabornos, which are built from tree trunks and palm leaves. About 20,000 Yanomami live in the Brazilian rainforest on an area as large as Switzerland. Unfortunately, their lives are severely threatened. They fight against polluted rivers, malaria and a great famine - triggered by illegal gold miners in the Amazon region.


Midas Pharma Runs for Charity - the project

The money raised with the charity run goes to Ação da Cidadania, an aid organisation that was founded in 1993 and primarily stands for the fight against hunger in Brazil.

The SOS Yanomami campaign has primarily distributed food to the indigenous people. Besides that, tools are given out so that they can produce their own food. In addition, the aid organisation also takes sanitary kits, hammocks, blankets, pots and other things that are necessary for the survival of the Yanomami.


We are very happy that the company management has made this great project possible and of course wish for many enthusiastic participants from Midas employees worldwide. We are hopeful that together we will all achieve the 5505 miles.

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