MiMa Ingelheim „POWER.ON“

- sponsored by Midas - 

On July 15, 2022, the MiMa in Ingelheim has opened its doors for the 19th in the old market hall. The interactive exhibition under the artistic direction of Katja von Puttkamer, invites young and old to interactive discovery in the world of machines. Under the motto " POWER.ON - a fascinating journey into the world of machines!”, visitors are introduced to the basic laws of mechanics, force and logic in a playful way.

As in the previous year, Midas Pharma is once again sponsoring the exhibition, which depends on financial support and the dedicated efforts of volunteers. However, this year there was a special feature for the employees. They were invited together with their families to an exclusive afternoon at the exhibition. With delicious food and drinks, they could explore and try out the stations in the MiMa. The event was led by trained guides and the organisational managers Stefanie Firyn and Renata Stark. They provided interesting background information on the stations as well as instructions on how to operate the machines and encouraged children and adults to join in.

In addition to the LichtMachMaschine (by Akki e.V., Düsseldorf), the stand drill and the dark room, there are other stations available, such as technical workbenches or creative tables. The pieces made here are integrated into the exhibition, allowing it to grow over time and become a total work of art.

Dirk Weidenbach, Managing Director, COO

"Experiencing the enthusiasm of the children operating the machines confirms our decision to support this activity of the non-profit association “Mitmachausstellung”. The volunteers do a great job and 36 children with their parents/grandparents had a very entertaining afternoon. POWER.ON promotes creativity and at the same time children and adults learn about the influence of force and mechanics on each other. Screwing, drilling and sawing lead to exciting experiences for young and old.The afternoon/evening was completed by food and drink sponsored by the Midas Fairy "Feelgood". We are already looking forward to next year."

Stefanie Firyn and Renata Stark, management of the MitMachAusstellung Ingelheim:

"We explain the world to children. Get off the couch, into the MiMa!

Every year, a unique MitMachAusstellung (MiMa) is created in Ingelheim, a temporary museum that teaches children the joy of learning and participating. Here, children are allowed to be children - they are encouraged to act, try things out, think and experience with all their senses. This year we have placed technology at the centre of attention: the young and older visitors playfully learn about the basic laws of mechanics, force and logic. Far away from the pressure of school, the children let themselves be inspired by a topic that at first seems frightening to many (adults). The children and young people become creative in technical workshops and are allowed to plan, construct and build on the large, expansive MitMachMaschine. This is how we reduce inhibitions and make people want to learn about technology, an important aspect in the current shortage of qualified people. The centrepiece is the MitMachMaschine of our lender Akki e.V. Düsseldorf, important cooperation partners are the TH Bingen and the ILW Mainz.

Without the generous financial support of Ingelheim-based companies such as Midas, the realisation of MiMa would be inconceivable. Our sponsors appreciate the valuable action, which is carried out by our small voluntary association with a lot of idealism and little financial means. The focus here is on the coming generations, with creative exploration of a theme offering a whole new approach to the world."

MiMa Ingelheim - Trying and building on

"POWER.ON" not only invites visitors to observe, but also encourages them to try things out and build on them. In the workshops, visitors young and old can actively enter the world of technology and become experts themselves. There is also an atelier area where visitors can be creative. With the help of a mechanical printing machine, diverse designs and shapes are created, which can be admired.

The exhibition grows with each visitor and becomes a real work of art.


After their visit on site, the colleagues and their children could enthusiastically confirm that the successful MiMa concept helps visitors young and old to get a playful access to topics from our immediate environment. Complex issues are made understandable and accessible by experiencing them with all the senses.

CONCLUSION: It's definitely worth a visit!

Still open until 28 October.

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