New development partnership with APONTIS PHARMA – Expansion of Single Pill portfolio with EU-wide property rights opens up additional revenue potential

- New Single Pill with potential peak sales of more than EUR 6.0 million per year in Germany alone – market launch planned for the end of 2027
- Currently five Single Pills with EU-wide intellectual property (IP) rights in development
- Total number of announced launches rises to 13 Single Pills

Monheim am Rhein, 12 April 2023.

APONTIS PHARMA AG (Ticker APPH / ISIN DE000A3CMGM5), a leading pharmaceutical company specializing in Single Pills in the German market, is systematically continuing the growth strategy of its Single Pill portfolio and is embarking on another development partnership with the German company Midas Pharma. The aim is the contract development of a Single Pill with a combination of two leading active ingredients for the treatment of high blood pressure (hypertension). APONTIS PHARMA will hold the EU-wide intellectual property (IP) rights to this newly combined pharmaceutical product.

The new Single Pill to be developed by Midas Pharma addresses a large and, given the demographic developments, steadily growing group of hypertension patients. In Germany alone, around 440,000 people are currently taking a loose combination of the two substance classes. APONTIS PHARMA anticipates an annual revenue potential of more than EUR 6.0 million for the German market in the medium term. The expansion of the development pipeline for Single Pills with EU-wide IP rights also opens up additional sales potential for APONTIS PHARMA through out-licensing of marketing and sales outside the home market of Germany. APONTIS PHARMA is currently pursuing the development of five Single Pills with EU-wide IP rights.

The market launch of this new Single Pill with EU-wide IP rights in Germany is planned for the end of 2027; according to current planning, four more Single Pills with EU-wide IP rights are to be launched in 2026. In total, APONTIS PHARMA has so far announced the medium-term market launch of 13 Single Pills, which will successively complement the existing Single Pill portfolio. Currently, APONTIS PHARMA has Single Pills on the market. At least three more Single Pills are expected to be launched in 2023.

Karlheinz Gast, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) der APONTIS PHARMA AG

„We are expanding our already trusted partnership with Midas Pharma for the development of Single Pills. It is a pleasure to have a competent and experienced partner in Midas Pharma who shares our vision of a more efficient, innovation-driven therapy and contributes to the expansion of the Single Pill portfolio and future revenue potential. The new Single Pills with EU-wide IP rights will enable us to improve the quality of life of more patients in more countries. Together with our partners, we are moving forward step by step to establish Single Pill therapy as the gold standard in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases."

Karl-Heinz Schleicher, Eigentümer und CEO von Midas Pharma

„We are particularly pleased to have found a strategic partner in APONTIS PHARMA who greatly appreciates the added value that we as Midas Pharma contribute through our many years of experience in developing and manufacturing pharmaceuticals. Our understanding as a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO) is to be a partner who provides advice to its customers already in the conceptual phase to consistently realize the resulting tailor-made solution. Midas Pharma has built up extensive expertise in developing, registering, and manufacturing combined pharmaceuticals in numerous projects and is therefore eager to support APONTIS PHARMA in its Single Pill strategy."


APONTIS PHARMA AG is a leading pharmaceutical company specializing in Single Pills in Germany. Single Pills combine two to three generic active ingredients in a single dosage form administered once a day. APONTIS PHARMA develops, promotes, and sells a broad portfolio of Single Pills and other pharmaceutical products, with a special focus on cardiovascular diseases. Since 2013, APONTIS PHARMA successfully launched several Single Pill products alone for cardiovascular indications such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia and secondary prevention. With its headquarters in Monheim am Rhein, APONTIS PHARMA is located in one of Europe’s leading pharmaceutical and chemical regions. From here, the company maintains a broad network with research-based pharmaceutical companies and a customer target group of approx. 23,000 physicians in Germany. 

About Midas Pharma

Midas Pharma is a pharmaceutical company based in Ingelheim, Germany, that offers products, services and expertise along the entire pharmaceutical value chain ‑ from Starting Materials and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients to market ready Finished Products and Devices. Since over three decades the family-owned company has successfully contributed to the Pharma sector and has step by step expanded its competencies. For 2023 Midas Pharma Group is expecting an annual turnover with over 530 Mio. EUR. With more than 270 employees and 10 locations in all major pharmaceutical markets worldwide Midas Pharma has excellent local know-how, local contacts and well-established networks in different pharmaceutical sectors (biological products, small molecules and medical devices). Thanks to many years of experience and extensive expertise, Midas Pharma has a proven track record of successfully supporting its customers in coordinating even complex pharmaceutical projects and creating significant added value.

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