Pazopanib 200 mg and 400 mg tablets: Leading Position in FDF-Development

Midas Pharma’s partner, the Malta-based generics developer Pharmacare Premium, has successfully conducted BE-studies for both strengths of a generic version of Norvatis’ Vorient®.

Pharmacare Premium has achieved important milestone

Considering the non-linearity of the two strengths Pharmacare Premium has achieved an important milestone in the generic development of the Pazopanib product for EU.

With the EU-eCTD Dossier being ready for submission within Q4 of 2021, a day one launch upon expiry of the SPC in June of 2025 is targeted. Please contact us for additional details!

Information is also available in the article "Pharmacare Premium Claims Pole Position on Pazopanib" from the Generics Bulletin, which can be downloaded here:

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