Support for earthquake victims in Türkiye

The severe earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria in the night of February 06, 2023 are among the worst natural disasters of the last decades and have claimed numerous victims.

The needs of the people on-site are great, and severe winter conditions make it difficult to rescue and care for the survivors. Many countries, aid organizations and NGOs provide support for the people affected in the area. Pharmaceuticals companies are among the major supporters with not only their donations, but also providing much needed medical and humanitarian supplies to the area.

Midas Pharma supports earthquake victims Türkiye

Midas Pharma is also committed to support. A donation of €10,000 was made this week to AHBAP, a Turkish non-governmental charity organization, which is providing on-the-ground assistance in the affected areas. The donations will fund accommodation, food and medicinal supplies for the earthquake victims.

The Midas Pharma team is thinking of the families and relatives on-site.


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