Wishing star campaign of the MütZe

In 2023, Midas Pharma once again took part in the Wishing Star campaign, which was initiated by the Mütter- und Familienzentrum MütZe in Ingelheim. The aim of the Wishing Star campaign is to support socially disadvantaged people and families.

Wishes can be noted on a wishing star and these are then fulfilled by private individuals and companies.

We are proud that many Midas colleagues again reserved a Wish Star for themselves or their department without hesitation. In this way, Midas Pharma was able to make 40 people in Ingelheim and the surrounding area a little happier at Christmas.

Midas Pharma decided to take part in this fantastic campaign for the first time last year. While we received a total of 30 stars from MüTze at Christmas 2022, this year there were already 40. Around 80 Midas colleagues took part in the campaign and some of them shared a wish star with their department.

This way, many high-priced wishes could also be fulfilled, such as a complete set of cookware for a young man or a scooter for a child.
The wishes on the stars range from very personal heartfelt wishes to practical everyday items. For example, Midas was able to fulfil the wish of a 92-year-old lady for romantic medical novels or that of a young woman for clothes for her 4-year-old son. A group of senior citizens received all kinds of treats for their Christmas party.


In addition to the wishes on the stars, proceeds from the annual Midas Christmas market, where employees sell beautiful items they have made themselves, as well as private donations from colleagues were donated to MütZe.

We hope that we can continue this fundraising campaign in 2024. There are many people in our neighbourhood who are in need of support. Thanks to the helpfulness of our colleagues, we were able to make these people's Christmas a little brighter.

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