August 03 - 05, 2022

API China

API China is a well-established comprehensive pharmaceuticals and chemicals show in Chinese pharmaceutical industry. It offers a perfect opportunity to explore new possibilities and new relationships. Midas will be travelling on behalf of our customers and partners.

While travelling to China during Covid-19-times is still either impossible (due to potentially missing Visa approvals) or simply not practicable (due to existing quarantine requirements, upon arrival in China) Midas, with its 20 people operation in Shanghai, is participating in the upcoming API China Exhibition, to follow-up on pending projects with our manufacturing partners and, at the same time, discussing on behalf of our customers and partners, who do not have the chance to travel at the moment.

We would like to encourage all our contacts worldwide to approach us and make use of our existing setup in China. We can discuss personally and face to face, on your behalf.

To the exhibition API China

At the same time, we would like to repeat that this is also valid for important auditing trips, site visits and for personal project management in China. Just let us know, we will be happy to help!

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