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Drug formulation testing during early R&D phase

The Gx Inbeneo® Autoinjector Platform

Find the best suitable configuration for your formulation with our toolbox.

Drug delivery devices should play an important role in the formulation development process of injectables. Concentration and composition drug substance (dose) the excipients (drug stability) result in a certain viscosity & volume. Adjustments of the needle gauge (diameter) and the spring force result in an specific application profile incl. injection time.

Gx Inbeneo® is a highly flexible Autoinjector platform. Customize and adjust the device to your formulations by choosing between different injection forces, volumes, cartridges, and needles.

We have invented a toolbox so that you can test the best configuration of the Gx Inbeneo® Autoinjector platform for your formulations in your own lab. Evaluate the injectability, injection times and fluid pathway passage.

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