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— Geviert-Strich

Interview with Prof. Dr. Sigrid Saaler-Reinhardt, Director Corporate Project Management at Midas Pharma GmbH:


Please tell us a little about your company and your role at Midas Pharma, what you are responsible for when it’s related to packaging or drug delivery devices?

Midas Pharma is a family owned, mid-sized pharmaceutical company that provides products and services across the full industry value chain and a wealth of expertise while connecting companies, people and knowledge. Our core competence is project management around pharmaceutical supply chains.

I am responsible for the management of complex projects that need expertise from different disciplines, like: biochemistry to understand pharmaceutical products based on proteins and their related analytical methods, regulatory affairs, intellectual property and quality requirements. In the last years it became clear that the selection of a suitable primary packaging has to be implemented into early formulation development. The more so during the development of a biologic drug product the early selection of a suitable injection device is becoming more and more of importance. I can support our customers with expertise of the before mentioned topics.


You are going to present a case study on the development of a new high performance auto-injector at Pharmapack 2020 conference. What was the context of this project?

Most of the autoinjectors that are currently on the market are based on 1ml staked needle pre-filled syringes. Limitations, inflexibilities and disadvantages are obvious: defined needle gauge, limited injection volume to max. 1ml, sprayed on silicone, initial injection strain peak, recalls. I will introduce a new functional principle of an autoinjector which is based on a pressurized cartridge system and that provides respective solutions to the before mentioned limitations. Moreover, due to a high market requests for new development candidates based on proteins (biosimilars), the product requirements vary with respect to concentrations / viscosities; dose / injection volume. Therefore, the new high performance autoinjector represents a platform technology that fulfils these requirements and at the same time with low technical complexity and minimal part changes.


What are important trends in this area (packaging & drug delivery) do you keep a close eye on?

A major trend in the application of injectable drugs is self-injection as well in indications where i.v. was a current standard. A completely different trend is the interest of pharmaceutical companies in injection devices like autoinjectors which have no expertise in the development of such injection devices. Besides the access to the IP of the new high performance autoinjector platform technology Midas will give support and advise to those companies and provide adjacent services like supply of primary packaging, contract fill & finish, assembly and packaging.


Pharmapack 2020

Any new project/New development ongoing you are looking for new partners to work with?

During its more than 30 years presence in the pharmaceutical industry, Midas has established a large network of partners. We are very open to work as well with new partners on a long-term and trustful basis.


Will it be the first time for you to attend Pharmapack? If not, how frequently you or your company visit this event? What did you most appreciate from your previous attending experience?

I have attended Pharmapack several times and I highly appreciated the format of the fair. In only one big hall a large number of companies are present because the space for each company is limited to a given size.


What are you looking forward at Pharmapack 2020?

I will meet several persons from suppliers as well as from pharmaceutical companies. Scheduling of meetings has already started. Furthermore, I am interested to learn about future trends and new developments in the primary packaging and device field.


Take the opportunity and arrange a personal meeting with Prof. Dr. Sigrid Saaler-Reinhardt in advance:


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Prof. Dr.  Sigrid Saaler-Reinhardt

Prof. Dr. Sigrid Saaler-Reinhardt

Biotechnology & Combination Products
Senior Director

Midas Pharma GmbH
Rheinstr. 49
55218 Ingelheim
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