Midas Runs for Charity - Donation for hospital in Cinkassé could be handed over

Employees from all Midas Pharma locations worldwide took part in a charity run for a good cause. The whole team ran a total of 3140 miles, surpassing the planned distance.

Spendenübergabe - Midas Charity Run

With the charity run, Midas Pharma collected donations to support the "Hôpital Braun" in Cinkassé, Togo, Africa. Already at the beginning of this year, it was clear to the company that a charity event should be set up. The answer to the question, which project should be supported with the benefit event, was not long in coming. Prof. Dr. Dagmar Braun, Managing Director of Braun Beteiligungs GmbH and long-standing cooperation partner of Midas, has already been involved with her family for five years in the border town of Cinkassé in the border triangle of Togo, Burkina Faso and Ghana, Africa. It was only in 2020 that the family opened the "Hôpital Braun" in Cinkassé - a hospital that aims to provide urgently needed medical care in the region and specialises in particular in radiology, paediatrics, gynaecology and obstetrics. 

The 2725 miles that separate the hospital in Cinkassé, Togo from Midas Pharma in Ingelheim were the goal. Each mile run contributed €2 to the donation fund, which is paid out by Midas. 

113 runners from all locations worldwide covered a total of 3,140 miles and thus even exceeded the required distance. The additional miles also went into the donation pot. Through further voluntary donations from employees and the company, the total was rounded up to € 7,600 and finally handed over to Prof. Dr. Dagmar Braun in the form of a donation cheque.



Donation amount makes ambulance for "Hôpital Braun" possible

The hospital in Cinkassé, Togo, was able to purchase an ambulance with the help of the €7,600 in donations. In addition to the hospital, which was opened in 2020, this ambulance will ensure urgently needed medical care in the region and simplify transport routes.

Prof. Dr. Dagmar Braun: "I am very happy about the donation amount, which enables us to purchase the urgently needed ambulance. Only through the help and commitment of many supporters can the project be continued successfully in the future.


"A great campaign, which we were able to successfully implement thanks to the many active runners," says Midas Pharma founder and CEO Karl-Heinz Schleicher.  

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