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If you are new to Midas Pharma, you will notice that communication at eye level and appreciative interaction play a major role in the daily work of employees and are explicitly desired and encouraged. But a strikingly beautiful and well-maintained working environment is also part of the appreciation that you experience as an employee at Midas.

First, it starts with clean and well-maintained buildings, lovingly prepared meeting rooms, free drinks and fruits, coffee machines ready for use and extends to always helpful contact persons for all matters relating to the offices, underground garages, coffee kitchens and outside area.

To understand how this condition can be maintained, take a look behind the scenes - at our house service team. A team of long-term employees has the building management firmly under control and thus contributes to the feel-good atmosphere at Midas.

But what does a typical working day look like for our colleagues in the house service team?

One day with Stefan Denecke, Facility Manager at Midas Pharma:

"My day starts early in the morning. A fixed part of my daily work is collecting the mail. This happens right after I start work, as soon as the post office in Ingelheim has sorted and filed the items.

The rest of the day is different and varies a lot. Midas is growing steadily. In addition to many new faces, many new workplaces have been set up and part of the stuff had moved back into the building at Rheinstraße 63. It never gets monotone at Midas, because there is always something to do in one of the company's properties: Checking elevator emergency calls, changing light bulbs, checking heating and/or air conditioning, repairing drains, dripping faucets, checking cameras in the underground garages, making rounds for the alarm system before closing time (are all windows and entrance doors closed), going to customs or the chamber of commerce in Bingen, dropping off or picking up documents for China in Frankfurt, topping up oil in the company cars and arranging for the cars to be inspected or repaired in consultation with the garages, organizing procedures with the craftsmen, shopping for the house service team and rearranging the offices. The list is long and these are just a few examples. The different tasks and contacts with colleagues make the work very colorful. I am happy to be a part of this team."

The best thing about Midas from Stefan Denecke's point of view:

"I started in August 2020 and was immediately warmly welcomed and integrated into the Midas family during my predecessor, Sam, took his well-deserved retirement after 15 years with the company. The colleagues are always there for you when you need them, which makes working very pleasant."


One day with Denise Bauer, Teamlead House Service at Midas Pharma:

"My workday begins early in the morning with the first preparations. Depending on the operating schedule the other members of the 6-person house service team arrive differently to cover the entire working day.

Each colleague has her own working area that she takes care of. This includes the office building, meeting rooms, bistro area, guest casino, kitchen, server rooms, gym and the company's own employee apartments, which we clean daily and keep dust-free. But also the shredding of documents, waste management, plant care and maintenance of the coffee machines are part of the daily tasks. Colleagues who schedule a meeting can register whether and what form of catering they require - from drinks to a joint lunch in our bistro area or guest casino. The team makes sure that everything is well prepared.

Of course, COVID-19 and the associated work in the home office has meant that it has been considerably quieter than usual. Now the buildings are filling up again and we are happy that life is returning. The small talk in the kitchen is just as much a part of it as the coordination around the building management."

The best thing about Midas from Denise Bauer's point of view:

"It's so familiar here, everyone knows each other and is very friendly. Our work is seen and also appreciated. I've never experienced it like this before and I won't leave Midas voluntarily."

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