Help for the destitute in Greece

When Antje Angelroth, Management Assistant to Karl-Heinz Schleicher (President & CEO Midas Pharma) read a headline about a relief campaign for Greece in the regional daily newspaper she was curious to learn more about it.

Briefly summarized, the report was about a lady of the local adminstration in Ingelheim named Helga Lerch, collecting medication for poor people in Greece. The economy and the health system in Greece are very weak. 17% percent of the people are unemployed and every third citizen has no health insurance. Most of them can’t afford medication.

Medication collection campaign at Midas Pharma

Therefore, Antje Angelroth get in touch with Helga Lerch and promised to do her best to motivate the Midas-team to clean-up their drug-drawers and to spend everything around medical preparations, baby-food, baby-diapers etc. The only pre-condition was that the shelf-life of the products was still fine.  Thus, in December 2019 the collection campaign for the medicines started and was a complete success.

Medication for Greece
Collected medication for uninsured greeks

Handover of the medicines in Ingelheim

In mid-February 2020, two large boxes of medicines, diapers and other items were handed over to Helga Lerch (left in the photo) in Ingelheim. She was very happy to receive all the drugs from the Midas-colleagues!

Overall, Helga Lerch was able to collect more than 30 cartons with products from all over the city of Ingelheim. And the collection campaign should not become a mayfly – Antje Angelroth (on the right in the photo) will install a permanent collection point at Midas. 

Antje Angelroth: “A great thanks to the Midas-team.  Without their support the initiative would have been a failure.”

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