Promoting electromobility: Installation of wallboxes at Midas Pharma

In December 2021, as part of the HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) activities, Midas Pharma installed its own wallboxes for charging battery-powered cars on the company premises. With a charging option during working hours, the aim is to make the use of fully electric cars more attractive for employees and thus make a further contribution to environmental protection.

In June last year, Midas Pharma integrated the first electric car in its carpool. To promote electric mobility in the future and to be able to accommodate more fully electric cars, several wallboxes were installed in the underground car parks in December 2021. In order to meet the charging infrastructure with more in-house electric cars in the future, the company opted for intelligent master-slave systems, which can detect the individual battery status of the connected vehicles and supply the corresponding power. One of the wallboxes delivers up to 22 kW/h, which means that a compatible electric car takes 2-3 hours on average to fully charge an empty battery. 

A total of eight charging points are currently available for company cars, but in the future it should also be possible for employees to charge their private e-cars at attractive conditions. The aim of this step is to make the use of e-mobility more attractive and to promote it on the way to work.

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