Midas Runs for Charity

Fundraising campaign for three charitable projects.

On average, 5568 kilometers separate our headquarters in Ingelheim, Germany from these three locations.

Midas employees will therefore run, hike, swim or cycle this distance together. For every kilometer covered, €2 will flow into the donation box financed by Midas.

The charity run starts on Wednesday, May 1, 2024, and employees will have until May 31 to collect kilometers and donations.

The kilometers swum count 4 times, the kilometers covered by bike count 50% and the kilometers covered by e-bike count 30%.

Status: 2024-05-01

Current Status of the Charity Run 2024

in total

This year, Midas Pharma is supporting the following projects:

Yanomami – Amazon

The Yanomami are one of the last remaining indigenous people in South America.

Last year, Midas already ran for them and was able to use the proceeds to make an important contribution to the construction of a local health center

Deepam project – a light for India

The Deepam project – a light for India – is a children's, youth and women's project in Viralimalai, a city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

It is focused on the needs of the local people, which are mainly education, work and health.

In addition to tutoring programs for children, young women are supported with a study program and the associated cost coverage. They are also trained in sewing, embroidery and painting.

Hoffnungswerk e.V. – Ahrtal Germany

As most of you know, a flood of the century occurred in the Ahrtal almost exactly 3 years ago.

Hundreds of people lost their homes, large parts of the infrastructure were destroyed and have still not been rebuilt.

Many relief funds have not yet been utilized as the bureaucratic hurdles are too great.

That's why we want to donate to where the money goes directly: Hoffnungswerk e.V. is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2021 as a result of the flood disaster.

In addition to active support in rebuilding houses and infrastructure, they offer psychological support in coping with trauma and provide places where children can celebrate their birthdays and where people can meet and exchange ideas through children's buses and café buses.

We are very happy that the company management has made this great project possible and of course wish for many enthusiastic participants from Midas employees worldwide. We are hopeful that together we will all achieve the 5568 kilometers.

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