Midas Runs for Charity

Fundraising campaign for hospital in Togo

2725 miles separate our headquarters in Ingelheim, Germany from the hospital in Cinkassé, Togo and this is the distance Midas’ employees shall "run, walk or hike" together.

Midas Charity Run Laufbild
Status: 2021-09-22

With the charity run, Midas Pharma is collecting donations to support the Hôpital Braun in Cinkassé, Togo, Africa. The hospital was completed and continues to rely on donations. Every mile a person completes will contribute 2 € to the donation fund which will be paid by Midas.

The sport-oriented miles from walking, jogging, hiking will be recorded by mobile apps or sports watches. The results are collected and regularly updated in the graphic above.

The campaign starts on September 1st and ends on September 30th, when Cinkassé must be “reached” latest.

Midas Runs for Charity - The story behind

Good actions attract positive reactions!

Exactly this was what recently happened to our CEO Karl-Heinz Schleicher and Dr. Danielle Leone-Stumpf, Senior Director Strategic Intermediates when Prof. Dr. Dagmar Braun, Managing Director of Braun Beteiligungs GmbH, visited our Headquarters in Ingelheim, Germany.


One might call it destiny that at the exact time of this meeting Midas was initiating a fundraising campaign but had not decided about the foundation to be supported.  During this visit Prof. Dr. Braun proudly talked about the inauguration of the "Hospital Braun" in Cinkassé, Togo, earlier this year and Midas immediately knew where to donate.

Norbert and Dagmar Braun want to contribute to a comprehensive health care for the region in Togo and sustainably improve the living conditions of the people. Thanks to the family’s donations the new hospital was constructed with focus on gynecology, pediatric, surgery and internal medicine, complementing the needs of the former only public hospital in this region that had no sufficient resources to provide adequate medical care for the people living there.

The project is also supported by DAZ e.V., the organization for German-African cooperation, which together with its partner organization IT-Village in Togo provides assistance in the fight against poverty.

Donations are essential for the successful establishment and survival of this hospital and therefore, Midas and its employees will proudly contribute with a thrilling team spirit.

We are very happy that Midas Management supports this great project and of course hope for many inspired “athletes” among Midas employees worldwide. We are confident that the 2725 miles can be completed without problems.

Further information about the work of DAZ can be found here.


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Dr.  Danielle Leone-Stumpf

Dr. Danielle Leone-Stumpf

International Division
Senior Director Strategic Intermediates

Midas Pharma GmbH
Rheinstr. 49
55218 Ingelheim

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